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Referral Program
Refer new travelers to Alpinehikers and Rubicon Outdoors and share $200 in trip savings.

It's easy!

  • Tell your friends and colleagues about Alpinehikers and Rubicon tours
  • They join a tour and give your name on the signup form
  • Both you and your new traveler receive a $100 credit toward your current or a future tour after they have signed up.
  • Program details

  • You must have traveled with us before, on a guided or self-guided tour, before you are eligible to receive credits for referrals.
  • Program does not include referrals of immediate family members.
  • Your new traveler must provide your name when signing up.
  • Your new traveler can come on the same tour as you, or can travel alone on a different tour.
  • The discount can apply to your current tour, or can be applied to a future tour.
  • The $100 discounts for you and your new traveler are for guided tours, but can be redeemed at 50% for a self-guided tour. If you have $100 in credits, you could use them for $50 off a self-guided tour. If the traveler you are referring comes on a self-guided tour, they receive $50 off.
  • Beginning with the 4th traveler you refer in a year, your credit doubles to $200 per referral.
  • Group tours
    Put together your own group! If you are organizing a group for a self-guided or guided tour, the group leader can refer people to their tour for discounts, with no limit. Convince 6 people to come with you on a guided tour, and you would receive a $900 discount ($100 discount for each of the first 3, $200 for each person after that), while the people you refer to your group would all receive a $100 discount. For a self-guided tour, you would receive a $450 discount, while the each of people you refer would receive a $50 discount.

    Return discounts
    After you've come on a guided or self-guided Alpinehikers tour, we want you to come back again! Join a 2nd tour the same year, or return in a future year and receive a 10% discount towards a guided or self-guided tour. Consider a self-guided tour after your guided trip is finished, or come back to experience one of our other destinations.

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